PS6 goes big – for even more dynamics

STOBER offers the High Power supply module for drive controllers in multi-axis drive systems: Mit dem SI6 hat STÖBER einen Antriebsregler in Anreihtechnik auf den Markt gebracht, der sich unter anderem für hocheffiziente Multiachs-Anwendungen eignet. Neu ist nun das dezentrale The SI6 from STOBER is a drive controller in multi-axis drive system technology, suitable for […]

Connected at a distance

STÖBER Antriebstechnik has further advanced its One Cable Solution (OCS) in collaboration with encoder manufacturer HEIDENHAIN, bringing the next generation to the market. Thanks to the future-proof HEIDENHAIN EnDat® 3 protocol, the new hybrid cable can reliably connect motors and drive controllers at a distance of up to 100 meters. The user receives a complete system consisting of synchronous servo motor, cable and the appropriate drive controller.

Play it safe with the SD6 drive controller

Powerful new SE6 ‘advanced safety module’ from STOBER integrates into SD6 drive controller for drive integrated safety functionality.

Perfectly designed – STOBER has it under control!

The 6th generation of STOBER drive controllers provide the right solution for the increasingly complex requirements and functions in automation technology and machine engineering. New to the range is the SC6 stand-alone device, which enables extremely compact and economical application designs with up to four axes thanks to its integrated power supply and narrow structure. Design engineers now have access to three series from STOBER which they can combine and, that way, implement any conceivable task and a wide variety of applications. In addition to the new SC6, this includes the SI6 multi-axis drive controller and the flexible, extremely versatile SD6.

Innovations in series

Matthias Meyering, Head of Product Management Electronics: “Even more decisive than the sheer compactness of the SI6 is the omission of redundant supply units. The entire series of drive controllers is connected with a central supply module. The fuses and cabling for each individual axis are also dispensed with here. The drive controllers are connected with each other via Quick DC-Link modules. And by using double axis modules, unused power reserves of an axis can be used for other axes.”

STOBER AS6 AutomationControlSuite – the engineering tool

The development system is based on CODESYS framework V and includes numerous functionality for HMI, PLC and Motion Control.

STOBER expands its motion controller program

The performance of the new Motion Controller MC6x05 (for control cabinet installation) and MC6x15 (with touch panel) derives from the Intel® CoreTM i3 Dual-Core processor with 2.4 GHz. Peripherals can be interfaced with either EtherCAT® or USB3, opening up new potential applications in the field of image recognition or vision systems.