Designed with you in mind

When designing our gearboxes, STOBER takes this into consideration in the design of their gearboxes, which is why the MGS product line has an input coupling hub and sleeve for quick installation line-up.

Connection of the motor adapter to the motor is simple - you just insert the four bolts and tighten to the required torque. There is an input coupling on every unit that stops the motor seizing to the gearbox shaft and misaligning. STOBER’s patented wobble-free bushing system allows the unit to easily slide onto a conveyor shaft.

Our objective is to make installation of the STOBER unit by the customer quick and easy, which means production downtime is reduced to a minimum. Our application support team will visit your plant, if you would like training in the correct installation procedures.

For more information, email or call 01543 458 858 for more information about any STOBER drive product or installation process.

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