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MC6 Basic

Matter of the training "MC6 Basic" are the basics of normal programming acc. to IEC61131-3, the international standard for industrial controller programming.

target group:
Project engineers, programmers, commissioning engineers and maintenance staff

Training objectives:

  • Introduction of CODESYS features
  • Safe and efficient use of the CODESYS based development environment from STOBER “AutomationControlSuite AS6” for controlling single and multiple axis applications.
  • The training will enable you to create your own programs for the movement controller with single and multiple axis applications as well as make changes and modifications to existing programs.


  • Basics of PLC programming or of a high-level language
  • Notebook with local administration rights for software installation

Training contents:

  • Introduction to PLC programming acc. to IEC 61131-3
  • Incorporation of device descriptions
  • Data types, operators, instructions and pointers
  • Task configuration and administration
  • The 6 programming languages ST, CFC, AS, AWL, FUP and KOP
  • Creation of programs, function blocks and functions with transfer parameters
  • Use online functions with dialog, watchlists and force
  • Simple error diagnostics via Trace
  • Generate a visualization for the operation
  • Save and update projects
  • Use of libraries
  • Integration and parameterization of drives in the CODESYS programming environment
  • Configuration of STOBER drives (increments and HiRes drivers)
  • Use of real and virtual axes and encoders
  • PLCopen state diagram
  • Creation of motion control applications with PLCopen modules
  • Use and knowledge about the STOBER “Drive&Motion” library blocks for easy project creation
  • Creation of motion control applications with SoftMotion modules with the “Drive&Motion” library
  • Use of master/slave coupling with electronic gears and with phase offset
  • Creation of disc cam applications with cam functionality
  • Visualization templates for simple commissioning
  • Practical exercises

4 days

Course fees:
1760 Euro per person plus VAT.The price includes: Training documents and catering during the training.

Number of participants:
Min. 3, max. 8 persons

Training location:


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