Motion control components for CODESYS programming and control software. By combining the motion controller MC6 with the drive controllers SD6 and SI6, STOBER offers the perfect blend of drive control and drive technology in one modular software and hardware system. The synergy potential of this consistent system logic offers many opportunities for optimizing automation and robotic applications. Highly complex and rapid motion sequences can be implemented smoothly and precisely.


Drive Controllers

Flexible drive technology. STOBER offers flexible drive technology with its drive controller series in a comprehensive system of modular software and hardware. We will be pleased to assist you as a competent partner in selecting, designing, projecting and commissioning your drive solution.



Software developed from experience. There is an infinite variety of drive applications. However, most applications are made up of typical basic functions such as positioning control, winder control, indexing function or synchronous operation control. An application-orientation and the effective usage of everyday functions are key aspects of the STOBER commissioning software, as well as of the other software modules and programs available here.



Ready-to-use cable assemblies. The quality of the cable connection between motor and drive controller affects the functional safety and endurance of a system axis. Using the recommended cable will ensure optimized and electrically stable interaction of the connected components. Failure to follow these recommendations may affect warranty rights.



The STOBER world of electronics is complemented by a wide range of accessories.