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G5 Basic

Matter of the training "G5 Basic" are the basics, necessary for the assembly, commissioning and maintenance of the G5 servo inverter, with a focus on the optimization of the drive train. The training further comprises the integrated software functions for commissioning and the specific use of the various applications.

target group:
Project engineers, programmers, commissioning engineers and maintenance staff

Training objectives:

  • Safe and efficient use of the DriveControlSuite DS6 project configuration and commissioning software
  • Introduction of SD6 and SI6 features
  • Connection to the higher level controller
  • The training will enable you to create a project on your own, put it in operation and clear faults on the drives. It will further enable you to parameterize a drive train and optimize the control technology.


  • Basics of electrical engineering
  • Notebook with local administration rights for software installation

Training contents:

  • System overview of the servo inverter
  • Assembly and commissioning of the devices
  • Use of fieldbus option cards
  • Use of option cards for inputs and outputs as well as encoders
  • Parameterization of the servo inverter, diagnostics and fault clearing
  • Use of the integrated display
  • Use of the POSITool project configuration and commissioning software
  • Basics of controller optimization and the electronic nameplate
  • Remote maintenance of the servo inverter
  • Basics of controller optimization
  • Configuration of the drive train
  • Integrated software functions
  • Software applications
  • Connection to a controller
  • Basics of the safety technology
  • Practical exercises on the training installation

3 days

Course fees:
1320 Euro per person plus VAT.The price includes: Training documents and catering during the training.

Number of participants:
Min. 3, max. 8 persons

Training location:


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