Team Events

Outdoor Days

High Rope Course

Our trainees were first equipped with helmets and safety belts. They started with team exercises on safe ground and later went on low rope and wooden elements. Here the team members were given exciting challenges like crossing a "swamp" or climbing a ladder. These tasks could only be jointly solved. After lunch together, they started to go over the climbing wall in the high rope course.

High Rope Course/Orientation Tour

Our trainees were split into four groups for the orientation course. Each group received a map and compass as aids. The aim of this course was to find the various stations and solve a small problem. For the orientation tour, information was given partly as text or by radio for the other group. In the afternoon the trainees were introduced to the high rope course to be able to master the individual stations in teams of 2.

Raft Building/Archery

This time our trainees met at a boat house on the Enz. After the initial team-building games, we were split into two groups. One group was given archery training and the other group was split into another 2 groups. These two groups had to build a raft with the materials provided within one hour. Each group drew its ideas and built the raft together. The raft was then to be fictitiously sold. The trainees had to create and present a marketing concept for this. After completion, a test trip was carried out by four courageous raft builders on the Enz.


Berthold Hermle Company

The Berthold Hermle AG Company manufactures milling machines and uses many STOBER drives for this. STOBER itself has several Hermle milling machines in use for production. A responsible trainee presented the company as well as the products to us. Six trainees reported on their training professions and skillfully guided us through the company. We fortified ourselves in a restaurant at a reservoir. The remaining time until the trip home was free time. So some trainees rented out pedalos.

Georg Röth Company

The Georg Röth iron foundry is a supplier of our castings. We learned the production steps that are necessary to manufacture and cast gear housings on a works tour. We got an insight into model making, saw how cores were manufactured and how a mixture of scrap metal, coke and additional materials were liquefied in an oven. Afterwards the gear housings were cast and deburred after they cooled down. Our excursion took place on a very hot day and we could therefore experience the hard work conditions that the workers must endure the whole day. We were glad when we could quench our thirst after the works tour. After lunch together we traveled further to the Rhein-Neckar Arena in Hoffenheim. Here we got an interesting guided tour through the football stadium of TSG Hoffenheim. We were first received in the press room. We were later given a tour of the inside of the stadium. Here we could sit on the substitute's bench and on the terraces. We accessed the guest changing room via the players' tunnel. Here there were massage and treatment rooms as well as a relaxation bath with whirlpool. At the end we got a view of the various VIP areas.

Trumpf Company

The trainees of the TRUMPF Company guided us professionally through the production halls. Here we followed the formation process of a precision laser machine from the cleanroom production to final assembly. At the end we could visit the underground TRUMPF museum. The history of TRUMPF and some end products that they make are presented here. After lunch in the TRUMPF canteen, we traveled on by bus to Bad Friedrichshall-Jagstfeld. Here we boarded canoes for 3 and 4 persons. After training by a tour guide, we paddled in our canoes to Gundelsheim. After around 2 hours we all managed to reach our destination more or less dry.

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