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E stands for economy

STOBER has developed its planetary gear units of the PE series – where E stands for economy – even further. The user gets an extremely economical variant of the STOBER planetary gear unit with significantly increased performance and typical STOBER helical gearing. This gearing ensures low noise development and optimal smooth operation. This is a unique feature on the market in this price and product class. Combined with the STOBER IE5-class Lean motor with direct attachment, the user receives a drive that is economical, while still being extremely energy efficient.

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Connected at a distance

STÖBER Antriebstechnik has further advanced its One Cable Solution (OCS) in collaboration with encoder manufacturer HEIDENHAIN, bringing the next generation to the market. Thanks to the future-proof HEIDENHAIN EnDat® 3 protocol, the new hybrid cable can reliably connect motors and drive controllers at a distance of up to 100 meters. The user...

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Good ideas pay off

STOBER has started the new year with a good deed. Sterneninsel, the outpatient children's and youth hospice service for the city of Pforzheim and the 28 Enzkreis communities, was pleased to receive a donation of 8,000 euros from the drive specialist from Pforzheim at the beginning of the week.

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From another Point of View

STOBER presented the new generation of its servo planetary geared motors at the SPS IPC Drive in Nuremberg at the end of 2019. One of the special features of this generation: Each motor series can be directly mounted in any available size. With this variance...

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STÖBER puts in motion: Now also your electric vehicle!

Filling up your car with 100% green electricity while visiting STOBER sounds appealing? It's now possible free of charge at STOBER headquarters in Pforzheim.

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STOBER stays in touch - not only virtually!

These days, virtual trade fairs offer an alternative to classic events, providing the opportunity to learn about trends and solutions and to stay in touch at no specific time or location. STOBER is currently participating in the Industry Show, powered by SPS Magazin, which will take place until June 5, 2020 and can be visited free of charge without registration. "We are looking forward to the exchange and interest in our drive and automation solutions".

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Keeping Full Control

SOGA Gallenbach GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany, designs and develops special machines. One special machine is a multiple screwing unit that joins profile rails in reliable process operation for ROMA, one of the leading manufacturers of sun protection systems. SOGA supplied a system with...

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The airlift against corona - Pforzheim companies fit mobile ventilators with STOBER components

"It's great to be part of this excellent network and to be able to make a small contribution in these worldwide difficult times," says Patrick Stöber.

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Far More Than Just a Planetary Gear Unit

STOBER supplies customers not only with gear units, motors and drive controllers, but also complete automation solutions in addition to comprehensive support. The goal of the drive specialist is...

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The Best of Partners

Leicht Stanzautomation develops and manufactures systems, such as for winding and unwinding strips and wires, and sells them around the world. For the first time, SI6 series drive controllers from STOBER are installed in the newest generation of the manufacturer's automated multiple winders. Compared to the previous version, this not only allows for increased performance, but also...

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The Total Package With Flexibility Guaranteed

DEMERO Automation Systems developed a three-axis CNC system to apply metered sealants during the production of various air-conditioning filters. In this process, the system independently recognizes different component shapes and responds flexibly to various curve profiles. For these precise processes...

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Tested and Documented

At the end of November 2019, STÖBER Antriebstechnik presented the new generation of its servo planetary geared motors for the first time at SPS IPC Drive in Nuremberg. These drives are the most compact on the market in their power range and with their exceptional diversity of combinations and options. To also ensure consistently high quality for this series in final assembly...

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A Man Who Gets the Wheels Turning

STOBER is currently presenting the new generation of servo-planetary gear units, which are the most compact drives on the market in their power range and with their enormous diversity of combinations and options. What's more, any motor series can be directly attached in any available size. But who is behind the development of this forward-thinking generation...?

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Rennschmiede Pforzheim – they have their concept

While the Rennschmiede Pforzheim team was previously represented at the Formula Student competition by a combustion-engine vehicle, it will enter an electric race car for the first time in 2020. This not only means a change in design, but also...

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Stäubli expands operating range of robots with STOBER axes

For precise, high-speed tasks, companies from industries such as the automotive, food, medicine, pharmaceutical, plastic or electronics sector rely on robots—e.g. for loading and unloading, palletizing, handling, sorting or stacking a wide array of components. Stäubli Robotics is one of the leading providers in the world. Additional axes from STOBER allow the multi-axis robots to be configured with complete freedom, thus giving them maximum flexibility.

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The Right Place at the Right Time

We saw tremendous success at SPS in Nuremberg, Germany. There, at the largest international trade show for electrical automation technology, we were able to generate many more new contacts as well as more leads than in years past. We presented our new generation of servo-planetary gear units for the first time on the 115 square-meter area.

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Cyber attack on STOBER web server infrastructure

Last week STOBER was hit by a cyber attack. The worldwide web server infrastructure was affected. Some of our web services are either limited or currently not available, such as downloads. Personal data is not affected.

We are actively working to restore the website as soon as possible. If you need information not available on the website, please contact +49 7231 582-0.

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Electricity in the blood

Since 2014, STÖBER Antriebstechnik has been supporting the Rennschmiede Pforzheim, which regularly participates in the Formula Student - to date with a combustion vehicle. From 2020, the team will also compete in Formula Student Electric together with STOBER. The drive specialists will provide motors, gearboxes and drive controllers for the new racecar. Together with Witzenmann, a company also based in Pforzheim providing cooling components, they are among the platinum sponsors.

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STOBER develops new generation of planetary gear units

The new generation of servo planetary gear units from STÖBER Antriebstechnik offers drives that are the most compact on the market in their power range and with their diversity of combinations and options.

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Certified Commitment – SWP Delivers Climate-Neutral Eco-Gas to STOBER

STÖBER Antriebstechnik GmbH + Co. KG takes on a leading role in the CO2-neutral use of eco-gas. The company has a balanced carbon footprint thanks to the supply from SWP.

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The Practical STOBER Forum 2019 - Trends. Innovations. Exchange.

On two days in March and April customers and interested parties participated at STOBER's annual Practical Forum in Pforzheim. The event offers participants the opportunity to inform themselves about current trends and innovations in drive and automation technology. It's also the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and to discuss upcoming projects. The topics of the lectures were ...

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Mastering Complexity with Ease

Safe, digital and highly automated. STOBER presented trend-setting solutions at the Hanover Fair, which significantly simplify the life of constructors. These include the new STOBER product configurator and other digital services.

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STOBER presents its new product configurator

With the new STOBER Configurator, users have an online tool to intuitively build the right drive solution from STOBER’s extensive product range with just a few clicks. Technical information and drawings are readily available after quickly and easily configuring a product. Users can even request a quote with a simple click. The configurator is one of many projects in STOBER's commitment...

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Successful collaboration with Heinrich-Hertz-Schule in Karlsruhe

Using or saving energy wisely with fun and passion – two topics that are becoming increasingly important. Stefan Hatz and Markus Liebmann, two engineering graduates, dealt intensively with these topics as part of their final thesis. They received valuable support from STOBER.

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STOBER at the SPS IPC Drives show in Nuremberg

In light of the motto "better safe than sorry", STOBER presented the new SE6 safety module. "Safety technology is a major topic in mechanical and plant engineering," says Markus Frei, Product Manager at STOBER. "With the SD6 drive controller and the SE6 safety module, we have brought a flexible solution to the market that is strongly orientated towards the practical needs of our customers".

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Play it safe with the SD6 drive controller

In cooperation with Pilz-Safe Automation, STOBER has designed a new and advanced SE6 safety module that increases the safety functionality of their SD6 Drive Controller. One of the highlights of the new SE6 is ‘Safe Brake Management’, which meets forthcoming safety legislation and gives the user safer and more flexible system control.

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STÖBER in Motion

STOBER jersey on, helmet on and on your bikes! That was the rallying call when the annual ‘STOBER in Motion’ mountain bike event rolled out for this year’s round. Organised for employees by employees, ‘STOBER in Motion’ is a mix of individual and team cycle races and 2018 was the 13th consecutive event.

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New fully automatic robotic assembly plant to manufacture the LeanMotor built using all STOBER drive technology

Motion Control expert STOBER has used products from its own range to design and build a robotic component mounting system to manufacture the new LeanMotor, an encoderless drive that is a world first in the market.

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Perfectly designed – STOBER has it under control!

With the drive controllers of the 6th generation, STOBER offers the right answer to the increasingly complex requirements in automation technology and mechanical engineering. New in the program is the stand-alone device SC6, which enables particularly compact and economical application concepts with up to four axes due to its integrated power supply and slim design.

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STOBER LeanMotor at SPS IPC Drives

At this year's SPS IPC Drives STOBER focused on the new LeanMotor. "The SPS IPC Drives is for us the most important trade fair of the year", says Patrick Stöber. "It is a great pleasure to present a world debut this year and to encounter so much interest. We were able to inspire visitors, customers and partners for our new development and had many interesting conversations".

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The Bridge to Greater Efficiency

STOBER has launched a world first on the market based on the principle "Bridge the Gap": The encoderless LeanMotor is with the same power significantly lighter and smaller than an asynchronous motor and cheaper and more robust than a servo drive. With efficiencies of up to 96 percent, the motors achieve efficiency class IE5. Construction engineers use them to make machines more compact, users...

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STOBER launches new PS Two-Speed Gearbox with SensorShift

STOBER has recently launched a new two-speed gearbox with SensorShift digital shift control for machine tools for smooth power transmission, reduced wear and improved cost-efficiency.

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Finalist for the Motion Control Industry Award 2017

STOBER is announced finalist for the Motion Control Industry Award 2017 in the category Technical Innovation of the Year for its synchronous servo motors with hollow bore.

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Innovations in series

Under the name of SI6, STOBER presents its latest drive controller in multi-axis drive system. The most significant feature: The extremely compact design. With a width of only 45 mm, the SI6 requires extremely little space in the control cabinet. At the same time, a surprising number of useful features are integrated in the SI6 STOBER drive controller.

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Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2016 for STOBER Servomotors

Frost & Sullivan gives this award every year, to a company which can show that it goes well beyond the accepted standards of good service in improving benefits to the customer and so strengthening customer loyalty.

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STOBER AS6 AutomationControlSuite – the engineering tool

The development system is based on CODESYS framework V and includes numerous functionality for HMI, PLC and Motion Control.The Drive&Motion libs of STOBER are included for the efficient programming of a machine corresponding to IEC 61131-3. To use them in an easy way they are documented with the newest standard of CODESYS. A numerous amount of examples for CNC (DIN 66025).

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STOBER expands its motion controller program

Even more processor power for even higher performance in demanding multi-axis mode. For this application profile, STOBER has added the new high-performance Motion Controller MC6xx5 to the MC6 product program.

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Innovative hollow shaft drives and screw drives from STOBER

The focus here is on the EZHD synchronous servo motor with hollow shaft that with its new bearing technology in all versions can offer a far higher shaft load than to date as well as an integrated brake. The special feature of these motors is the unusually large inner diameter of the hollow shaft flange, which is ideally suitable for carrying energy and media of all kinds.

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