Social Events

Guardian Angel Training at STOBER

Unfortunately there is increasing violence and serious traffic accidents among young people that are often fatal. For this reason, the Pforzheim police department train "guardian angels". Guardian angels are between 16 and 24 years old and have a positive effect on friends and acquaintances while protecting themselves and these people. Topics like alcohol, drugs, civil courage and youth violence play a role here. STOBER supports this guardian angel program and facilitates guardian angel training for the trainees at the company. Three pedagogically trained police officers carry out this training at our company.

Vespe Church

Social week in Vespe church

All trainees and trainers actively helped at the Vespe church in Pforzheim for one day. The relevant tasks that everyone should carry out were always assigned in the morning. Some handed out food or served at the drinks, coffee and cake stand while others washed up mountains of dishes or supervised children with games or homework. Everyone was given precise instructions for the activity so that everything ran smoothly for the big rush. Around 500 meals were handed out to people in need every day. To be able to manage this, many hardworking helpers and donations are needed. Now there are around 260 volunteers that help over the entire period. In the following week, a round of feedback was given at our company. Here everyone could report about experiences gathered and impressions. Everyone agreed that this day was very educational and must be repeated again next year.

Social Week in the "Pforzheimer Tafel"

Our trainees led a "Tafel life" with the support of the trainers for one week. 5 to 6 trainees were on site every day. Their task was to fetch, unload and then sort the food donations delivered. The food was sorted in the "Tafel shop" and sold to customers. Every day each group made a report about the activities that they did and their experiences that we discussed as part of a trainee meeting. The sustainability of this activity was to give interested youth a company tour at STOBER and provide them with an internship or an invitation to apply. This offer was occasionally made use of.

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