Double the bores.
Double the safety.
Gear racks with twice the bores!
  • Extra safety against possible shifting.

  • Helical, hardened, and smoothed.

  • Perfectly coordinated with STOBER drives.
Gear racks with twice the bores


Drive Technology

Made in Germany.
Since 1934.

Together, we can implement demanding movements.

You get the benefit of our deep roots in gear unit manufacturing and our broad product portfolio, covering gear units, motors and matching drive controllers.

Our drive systems are modular and freely scalable – for tailor-made, compact and powerful machine concepts.

leicht stamping automationtesti 260

„We have installed gear units, motors and drive controllers from STOBER in nearly all our systems. STOBER drive technology has been there from the beginning and supports us in new projects from the first stroke of a pencil in the design phase until commissioning. Our years of cooperation are shaped by openness and honesty and emanate a rather special spirit. The technical consulting, the support – that is real, experienced partnership.”

Jürgen Leicht, Managing Partner, Leicht Stanzautomation GmbH

News from STOBER

  • A Race Car Like No Other
    Formula Student Electric: STOBER supports Rennschmiede Pforzheim as a main sponsor.
  • The best of both worlds
    STOBER drive controllers combined with Siemens controllers for sophisticated motion control solutions.
  • Modernization becomes child’s play
    STOBER offers an all-in-one solution for controller- and drive-based applications with the CiA 402 device profil.


Get to know us and our drive technology

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