E stands for economy

"Perfect does not mean over-engineered and expensive, it means optimally tailored to the respective customer requirements," explains Rainer Wegener, Head of the Sales Management Center at STOBER. It was with this goal in mind that the drive specialist redeveloped its PE planetary gear unit and introduced its second generation on the market.

Different customer applications can also mean different requirements for precision. This is true in the automation and packaging industries. In addition to drives for demanding positioning tasks with high dynamics, at the same time, they also need drives suited for format adjustments or to act as a feed drive. And these drives have to meet all of the high quality standards of the machines with regard to smooth operation, backlash stability and service life. "Our economy variant fulfils these exact requirements," Wegener continues.

The PE gear units are also equipped with helical gearing – which is offered by no other product on the market in the economy segment. Compared to the straight-cut gear units common in this segment, helical gearing ensures low operating noises and high degree of evenness. The user benefits from an extremely economical and simultaneously powerful solution. "In the second generation, we were able to increase the acceleration torque by 45 percent and even increase the nominal torque by 50 percent. This means a significant improvement in performance. The two-stage variant is also shorter. As a result, the gear units are lighter and more compact overall," says Michael Oberländer, Department Head of STOBER gear unit development.

The drive specialist matched the interfaces of this economy variant to the high-quality planetary gear unit of the third generation, meaning that smaller STOBER as well as third-party motors can be attached in both direct attachment and in the variant with an adapter.

The encoderless Lean motor from STOBER is an extremely innovative motor class with efficiency up to 96 percent and the IE5 energy efficiency class. In direct attachment with a PE gear unit, this synchronous servo motor forms a highly compact and economical unit.

Connection with a slim drive controller of the SC6 or SI6 series creates a powerful system, the components of which can be combined with a wide range of STOBER products. As a result, the designer gets everything from a single source, with STOBER as a practice-oriented contact partner with comprehensive consulting knowledge that supports the designer in the implementation of all drive tasks.

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