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Our products are just as diverse as our customers’ industries. This requires experienced engineers and technicians who have a keen sense for the needs of their customers and who unerringly find the perfect solution and inspire with custom-fit offers. Professionals like you, who use their freedom. And move great things.





johannes berg
Johannes Berg has been with STOBER since 1991 and is now head of the South-West Sales Center.

What skills do you think are most important for being a successful salesperson?

Now, you might think a salesperson has to be good at small talk, know every single detail about all our products, and have strong arms for handing out catalogs 😉

In our line of work, we first and foremost must be able to listen and ask specific questions. We have to understand what our customers need and why they need it, so that we can work with them to develop solutions for their tasks. This requires a high level of empathy. It’s the only way we can stay focused on the customer, not the product. It’s not about selling specific components from our extensive product range – it’s about system solutions and trust in STOBER. As a salesperson, you have to be a networker with the customer, in the market and, of course, within the company.

Why do you like working in Sales?

  • Developing clever solutions together with our customers.
  • Sales engineers have a high level of influence on the success of the company.
  • Multi-department collaboration.
  • Turning market requirements into a reality – product development.

What is your sales strategy?

Be authentic, listen, ask questions, stick with it.

How would you describe teamwork in Sales?

Having the South-West Sales Center in the head office is a great advantage that lets us meet, coordinate, and communicate at short notice in the course of our daily business. One of our colleagues works from home when he is not on-site with a customer. We Sales engineers contact each other regularly, whether by phone or the TEAMS communication platform. You can’t do it without teamwork. Our work depends on it.

What has changed about your work over the years?

A lot has changed. We are finding that our customers are continuing to become more connected and global. Our customers want to be where their customers are, just as we want to be where our customers are.

Customers, especially the younger ones, first get information on the Internet before calling a supplier or seeking advice in person on site. In that respect, our working environment has also changed. But it has improved, too. Drives are projected and requested with our STOBER Configurator, we do conferences on video platforms or commissioning on remote maintenance systems – so we’re on the road less and have more time for the customers. From an ecological point of view, it also makes more sense.

Another aspect of networking is our products: complex concepts such as safety technology, the Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, and global data protocols are coming up more and more.

Does this mean you’re also working more internationally?

Our sales activities are first and foremost focused on sales in Germany. Due to globalization, our German customers have locations worldwide, just like STOBER does, too. That’s why our sales engineers need to work together with the global STOBER network and develop projects with our customers across borders.

Developing clever solutions together with our customers.

Passion that keeps things moving.


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