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We always strive to write success stories together. Completely satisfied customers and their positive feedback are the best proof of the quality of our solutions. And of our commitment to achieving visions and goals.

STOBER keeps things moving

Get an impression of how we achieve smooth, fast, precise and reliable movements with precisely fitting drive solutions in a wide variety of applications. In doing so, we are always excited to work closely and individually with our customers.


SOGA Gallenbach

SOGA Gallenbach designs and develops special machines. This also includes a multiple screwing unit for ROMA, which uses STOBER components to reliably join profile rails.

SPINNER Werkzeug­maschinenfabrik

A turret lathe that cuts powerfully at relatively low spindle speeds and also increases speeds temporarily for small diameters.

DEMERO Automation Systems

DEMERO – Automation Systems

A three-axis CNC system that applies metered sealants. Precise processes with the complete drive system from STOBER.

LEICHT Stanzautomation

LEICHT Stanzautomation

Leicht manufactures equipment for rewinding and decoiling strips and wires. For the first time, STOBER SI6-series drive controllers are installed in the new multiple winders, in addition to geared motors.

e & v systeme

e & v systeme

A high-performance packaging machine with a pick-and-place palletizing robot that places filled and closed cartons onto load carriers quickly and neatly. A STOBER complete solution.

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