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With its TC series, SPINNER Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH has developed powerful CNC universal lathes in various sizes. The largest version is the TC800, a compact turret lathe that reaches speeds of 2600 rpm with a maximum power of 63 kilowatts. The radial or axial turret is designed for up to 24 tools. There is also the option of a Y-axis and sub-spindle. Users can operate this machine to produce turned parts with diameters up to 800 millimeters and lengths up to 1500 millimeters.

STOBER solutions for Spinner – The system is powerful when machining at relatively low spindle speeds and can also increase speeds temporarily for turned parts with small diameters in order to be able to machine them with sufficient cutting speed. For precision turning. It was precisely for this purpose that STOBER supplied the PS SensorShift two-speed gearbox.

STOBER solutions for Spinner – Collaboration at eye level.

“We found a reliable partner in STOBER, which delivers high-quality products quickly and on time. We also especially appreciate the unusually constructive collaboration. We also have just one contact person at STOBER, which makes communication easier. In the early stage of development, in particular, this is very important. It puts us one step ahead of the competition.”

– Helmut Maier, Head of Electrical and Software Development, SPINNER Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik GmbH

Only one gear unit required.

Previously, two differently equipped two-speed gearboxes had been necessary for the attachment of two different motor brands in order to switch the main feed from the low to high speed and back again.

In order to significantly reduce the effort and to facilitate switching This effort can now be reduced considerably using the STOBER PS25 two-speed gearbox, which enables a smooth transition between the two motor designs. Depending on which motor brand has to be installed, Spinner can now use simple adapter parts to modify the gear unit interface and make the gear unit ready for attachment to the respective motor within minutes, without needing to store twice as much.

The further benefits.

  • STOBER solutions for Spinner – Reliable shifting: With its two gear stages, the two-speed gearbox from STOBER is ideal for precision machining at high speeds as well as for a high machining capacity when switched to the gear reduction with motor torque multiplication.
  • To achieve these speeds, the gear unit has a direct gear in the first gear stage. The planetary carrier and planetary gear set are completely decoupled with a gear ratio of i = 1, and the motor torque is transmitted with almost no loss. Because this generates very little heat, this means substantially improved energy efficiency.
  • Efficiency above 95 percent: STOBER solutions for Spinner – Without changing speeds, the user can reduce the thermal load of the machine and save money on cooling. The user can also work at significantly higher speeds than with comparable systems without increasing the heat input of the gear unit, thus increasing the performance of the machine.
  • It’s a technically unique gear unit at an attractive price-performance ratio.

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