Team Projects


Due to our 75th company anniversary, the task was to distribute a present completed or further processed by our trainees to all employees punctually. The received five suggestions from our trainers and had to decide on one. They chose the flashlights. Here the material costs plus packaging must not exceed EUR 10. However the quality of the flashlight was absolutely imperative. As the present was a surprise for our employees, absolute secrecy on behalf of our trainees was called for. They had to think up a lot of excuses for the project time! The trainees decided that the housing of the flashlight should be produced by themselves. This meant that at least 700 parts had to be manufactured by them. At the beginning various insurmountable problems arose. However our trainees did not give up. They got tips and ideas from two flashlight manufacturers. You can see the results!


Our trainees produced two identical soapboxes. They received certain specifications that the soapboxes had to comply with. A budget and a time frame was also defined here. The trainees could and had to decide themselves on the "racing car design", material, bodywork, brakes, wheels and electronics. At the beginning the project was a "huge mountain" for our trainees. However, as you can see, two "crazy boxes" emerged. The two soapboxes were inaugurated after various test trips at our annual STOBER grill party. A STOBER Olympics has taken place at this party for some years. One of the disciplines was a "soapbox race". Both of the soapboxes and the participants weathered the race well!


Our trainees designed and completed a labyrinth independently. Here the housing was to be made of metal, the adjustment achieved using synchronous servo motors and the control of the motors with servo frequency inverters. The project had to be realized within three months and the material cost could not exceed EUR 1000. We could finally present the labyrinth at a vocational training fair and inspire our visitors.

Toy Robots

Our trainees were given the task of designing and manufacturing a toy robot where our STOBER products can be seen live in action. They received certain specifications from us that the toy robots had to comply with. Among other things, the project should be controlled by our electronics. As the project was very extensive, we organized the project in individual specialist areas. The groups were given the task of developing their field independently. The trainees first made a playing field from which pneumatically controlled pins that were moved via a linear guide system extend. The aim of the game is to strike the extended pin back into the initial position before it retracts again by itself. A counter determines the result and the high score. The complex programming of the kinematics makes this project particularly demanding. The trainees called the toy robot "Hit me if you can". After a planning and building phase of 1 1/2 years, we could successfully present the project at a vocational training fair. The visitors were impressed!!!

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