The Practical STOBER Forum 2019 - Trends. Innovations. Exchange.

On two days in March and April customers and interested parties participated at STOBER's annual Practical Forum in Pforzheim. The event offers participants the opportunity to inform themselves about current trends and innovations in drive and automation technology. It's also the perfect opportunity to exchange ideas, experiences and to discuss upcoming projects.

The topics of the lectures were:

  • LeanMotor as an innovative and energy-efficient alternative to asynchronous motors
  • Drive controllers of the 6th generation - SI6, SC6 and SD6 with outlook on further developments
  • Integrated safety technology SE6 with PILZ in drive controller SD6
  • Build the right drive solution quickly and easily with the new STOBER Configurator

In addition to the opportunity to learn new things, exchange experiences and network, everyone appreciated the tour through STOBER's production and assembly. They were enthusiastic about the vertical range of manufacture and the technologies used.

Ask your STOBER contact about the next event.