Helical geared Lean motors
Compact IE5 helical geared motor with helical gearing.

Plus points for optics and finances: Helical geared Lean motors.

Are you looking for a compact, universally applicable, low-cost helical geared motor? Something attractive? With helical gearing? And energy efficiency class IE5?

We have it!

Helical gear unit feat. Lean motor

STOBER helical gear units have an impressive block design, without any parting lines that can weaken them. They are an absolute advantage in terms of rigidity and leak-proofness! And they score points for their appearance at the same time.

A characteristic feature of these gear units are the coaxial axes.
The ideal design of the helical toothing and low-friction bearing makes their efficiency impressively high.

The classic, proven mechanics of STOBER helical gear units combined with a robust IE5 Lean motor are a profit-maker with their low energy consumption and long service life.

An attractive unit with helical gearing

The helical gear units themselves are compact and available in a wide variety of housing designs – with a pitch circle diameter, a round or square flange, or even with a foot – so they are ideal for a wide range of applications.

The helical gearing that is typical of STOBER and resulting exceptionally smooth operation are also remarkable.

When directly connected to a Lean motor, the result is an encoderless, rugged, universally applicable and economical geared motor with high torsional stiffness.

Power density
Price category
  • Total ratio: 2 – 178
  • Allowed acceleration torque: 8.7 – 4140 Nm
  • Backlash: 10 – 20 arcmin
  • Efficiency: 96 – 97%

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C gear unit feat. Lean motor …  
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We get your visions moving

in various industries and markets worldwide.

Using a holistic approach for your specific task, we support you with precisely tailored solutions for drives and automation.

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