Asynchronous motor
High-performance, rugged IE3 asynchronous motor starting at 0.75 kW.

Asynchronous motors: An evergreen classic

In the game for over 100 years, the classic asynchronous motor is still one of the most popular power transmission motors.

STOBER asynchronous motors are IE3-certified and therefore feature excellent energy efficiency and high profitability!

Another plus point is that these asynchronous motors are attached directly to STOBER gear units (helical, offset helical or helical bevel) as standard – without any interfering adapters. It’s an advantage in terms of compactness, efficiency and costs.

Firm power across the board

Designed as asynchronous squirrel-cage motors, STOBER asynchronous motors have amazingly good performance in a wide range of applications. This is because asynchronous motors cover so many kinds of applications – they are at home in conveyor systems, in pump drives and also in fans.

Focus on the highly efficient drive axis: STOBER asynchronous motors are IE3-certified in accordance with IEC 60034-30. Amazing premium efficiency. And as a result, especially profitable in terms of energy.

The trendy classic

Due to its long-proven, simple and standardized design, the asynchronous motor can withstand particularly high loads. In addition, it is extremely robust and designed for continuous operation.

STOBER asynchronous motors are generally attached directly to the helical, offset helical or helical bevel gear unit without any interfering adapter. It’s a great benefit in terms of compactness, efficiency and costs.

You can also choose from multiple combinations of brakes, encoders and cable feeds – optimally matched to your individual requirements.

Power density:
Price category:
  • Nominal torque – motor: 0.82 – 291 Nm
  • Nominal speed: 1400 – 1480 rpm
  • Nominal power: 0.12 – 45 kW
  • Nominal current: 0.35 – 83 A

Find your right fit!
  • Energy efficiency classes:
    • Europe: IE3 premium efficiency in acc. with IEC 60034–30–1
    • USA: CC 301B in acc. with NEMA-C, EISA 2014
  • Shaft:
    • Hollow shaft for direct attachment on STOBER servo gear units
    • IEC design
  • Cooling:
    • Self-ventilation with a plastic fan wheel
    • Forced ventilation; also as a retrofit kit
  • Brake: Electromagnetic spring-loaded brake
  • Encoder interfaces: Incremental or SSI (only together with forced ventilation)
  • Terminal box: Convenient yet rugged design with integrated seal protection (IP 66) for safe motor connection
  • Marks and test symbols:
    • CE
    • cURus
    • EISA CC number including cURus (60 Hz, 265 V/460 V)

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