PHV Series

Precision for typical servo applications. For ratios > 60. Helical gearing. Highest torsional and tilting stiffness. Backlash up to < 3 arcmin. Flange output shaft. Synchronous servo motor EZ. Extremely compact. Highest power per unit volume. Large torque. High dynamic.



Max. perm. acceleration torque [Nm]

Stall torque at the gear unit output [Nm]

Max. perm. input speed in cyclic operation [rpm]

Backlash [arcmin]

Torsional stiffness [Nm/arcmin]

PHV933 61 – 121 1638 – 4250 680 – 3267 4500 3 805 – 850
PHV1033 61 – 91 7500 2646 – 5414 4500 3 1342 – 1370

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