LM Series

The STOBER Lean motor without encoder closes the gap between the worlds of asynchronous and synchronous servo drives perfectly. With efficiencies up to 96 percent the motors reach the IE5 efficiency class. By using the Lean motor, engineers are able to design more compact machines and users benefit from lower energy consumption and a long service life. Despite the absence of an encoder in the motor, the speed and torque are infinitely variable from a standstill to maximum speed with full torque control. The new motor requires only a standard power cable for this, without any additional cores or shielding.


Nominal speed [rpm]

Nominal torque motor [Nm]

Nominal current [A]

Stall torque [Nm]

Nominal power [kW]

Maximum torque [Nm]

Mass moment of inertia [kgcm²]

LM401 3000 2.25 1.59 2.43 0.71 4.51 1.67
LM402 3000 4.41 2.88 4.5 1.4 9.7 3.01
LM403 3000 6.06 3.92 6.19 1.9 12.8 4.31
LM503 3000 9.48 5.62 10.1 3 20.4 10.4
LM505 3000 13.7 7.83 15.5 4.3 32.1 16.8
LM704 3000 19.3 10.6 21.3 6.1 41.2 36.5
LM706 3000 25.7 14.7 29.8 8.1 61.4 53.8

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