Synchronous Servo Motors

With the EZ, EZHD and EZHP synchronous servo motors, STÖBER is offering brushless, permanent magnet excited and electronically commutated motors with different power profiles. The stator and rotor components have an optimized design in relation to energy for extremely low torque ripple and a high power density in various forms.


Synchronous Servo Motors for Screw Drives

The super compact synchronous servo motors for screw drives have been designed for universal mounting on the threaded spindles of a variety of manufacturers. The EZS model has a clamping assembly for tightening the threaded spindle. The EZM synchronous servo motor is suitable for driving the threaded nut directly. A threaded spindle of any desired length can be inserted through the generously dimensioned flange hollow shaft.


Asynchronous Motors

Designed as asynchronous squirrel-cage motors, these asynchronous motors are characterized by their performance and robustness. The asynchronous motors are part of the STOBER geared motor system. Here they are attached directly to STOBER gear units without a disruptive adapter flange. A motor flange design according to IEC is also included in the program.